Why get bodywork?

"Emotions and feelings are primarily sensations, and these are sensations of the body. If the body is insensitive, there will be no awareness of these sensations and hence no awareness of feelings. This will preclude the possibility of understanding. So sensitization is required via the dissolution of muscular armour and it's tension patterns."  ESSENCE with THE ELIXER OF ENLIGHTENMENT A.H ALMAAS

As letter's represent sounds to make words, the parallel in the body is sensations are the ingredients of feelings and feelings create emotions. To be in touch with ourselves requires being aware of our bodies and our sensations. Bodywork (in it's many varieties) is a support to developing our sensing capacity. This in turn opens the door to our increased awareness. Our awareness supports understanding and the ability to have a richer experience of life.

If we are not sensing, thoughts just cycle around like ground hog day trying to solve life's problems and causing muscular tension pattern's. So I recommend getting bodywork to  break the cycle of the mind, and for its potential benefits on many levels.

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