My Approach

I treat the spine to restore motion and alignment with the perspective that these physical problems have a multi factorial origin. My practice utilizes manual adjustments, activator, drop table, S.O.T blocks and soft tissue treatments. I recommend nutritional support, orthodics and stress reducing techniques when needed.

BJ Palmer, one of the founders of chiropractic discussed the many causes of poor health such as auto toxins, auto suggestion and mechanical. Today this is translated as nutritional/chemical stress, emotional stress and physical stress.

For instance, our ability to recover from an injury, a car accident or a fall is also influenced by the state of our spine before the accident. The age of the patient, the amount of tension they have carried their entire life will influence the vitality of the body and the rate it heals.

Back in the day, we didn't sit as long as we do now. Technology, food and air quality have also diminished the over all vitality we see vs what the original chiropractors were used to treating. I take into consideration all these variables when accessing recovery time and treatment plans.



Dr. Janet Major

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1987. This was located in Sunnyvale California at that time, it is now situated in San Jose California. From there I moved to Massachusetts and worked in a very busy clinic for 1 yr. I returned to Canada and bought a practice in Calgary. I ran it for 6 yrs and sold it. I had 3 children while continuing to practice part time within the Britannia clinic. I now practice at the Chiropractic Family Care Centre.

I have completed the functional medicine clinical series modules from metagenics and utilize nutritional products when needed. In addition our clinic offers orthotics using a functional assessment of the foot in motion. These additional offerings can be a support for the spinal care if needed.

Much of my study in the last 10 yrs has been looking at the cause of the problem. What I have learned is that our history lives in our tissues!! We defend physical as well as emotional impingements or insults by contracting our tissues and our muscles. We often limit our breath worsening the muscular tension. Over time this can negatively effect spinal motion.

An example of this is PTSD (post tramatic stress disorder). 2 soldiers/fireman/school teachers are involved in the same difficult event, one gets PTSD and the other doesn't. The same of a lesser injury. The amount of tension we carry impacts how are spine moves and our response to an injury as well as our healing time. Hence our healing is individual, and is correlated to our unique history and nervous system.

Where does the base line condition of our nervous system display itself? Ultimately it reveals itself in our muscular tension and can result in decreased spinal motion, which can lead to spinal decay, or more commomly known as osteoarthritis. Chiropractic care allows the spine to move more freely helping reduce oesteoarthritis, reduce muscle tension and allow the nervous system more freedom to respond to life's daily events, both good and bad.

Some people are relaxed others carry more worry. This ultimately effects our muscular tension and can result in decreased spinal motion. My intention is to treat each of you with respect and appreciation for your individual differences while supporting optimal movement and function.

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