I hurt my lower back during a kite skiing crash … I tried numerous different physiotherapists and was told to do very different things to ensure the best recovery. I was in a significant amount of pain, and none of these suggestions really helped me deal with the pain or seemed to progress my recovery. It was a very frustrating process.

I was referred to Janet by my mother. After seeing her on a weekly basis for 3 weeks, my back was significantly better. I was moving much more freely, and was finally feeling confident that I would be able to push myself in sports that I love again.

I’ve been seeing Janet for about 5 months now, and now just see her on a monthly basis - to ensure my back is functioning properly.

I have almost fully recovered (About 99%) and am pushing myself in sports I love again.

I would highly recommend Janet to any of my family or friends!

Thank you Janet for being so positive and helping me get back to doing what I love!

⁃Jacob Howard

Dr. Janet initially began seeing my daughter about a year and a half ago with regards to my daughter’s scoliosis. Knowing it’s not a reversible condition, upon consultation with Janet, she helped me to determine that chiropractic treatment could help limit the effects of her scoliosis by keeping other areas in balance. My daughter is a very active competitive volleyball athlete and it is important for her to optimize her abilities. Dr. Janet has been instrumental in providing just the right touch with regards to my daughter’s treatments and her all-encompassing knowledge of chiropractic’s, the body and general health and well-being have proved to be very beneficial assets for my daughter. She is not impeded by her scoliosis and her quality of life continues to thrive. I am also now a thankful patient of Janet’s too; as she has helped me deal with some nagging issues that I have had. We would unreservedly recommend Dr. Janet in a heart-beat!

Scott and Cierra.

“Dr. Major is a excellent chiropractor and above all a kind and wonderful woman.  She has known me for 18 years and has helped care for my children’s health since they were born.  She applies her knowledge from a multitude of chiropractic and nutritional  strategies to best suit each of us individually.  Our treatments vary from session to session depending on how we feel and and we do not receive the same adjustments each time.
I have scoliosis and Dr. Major has worked with me to support my best possible alignment so that I can function with little or no pain.  My boys are now 18 and 11 years old.  Dr. Major has supported them with digestive health, body alignment, whiplash treatment and sports injury treatments.  They always mention how much better they feel after a visit.
Dr. Major values personal empowerment.  Since my first visit with her, she has encouraged us to learn about our bodies and taught us how to maintain our personal health at home on a daily basis, without having to rely on external treatments to feel  good.   She has been integral member of my family’s health care team.😊
Maria IG”
From Andrea O.

Dr. Major is a true healer. Speaking as a doctor myself, I would put myself in her hands willingly. I have known Janet for 12 years and she has helped me with hip pain, back pain and neck pain. She thinks creatively and her hands know what to do. In addition, she is great to discuss deeper issues on a more emotional/psychological and even spiritual level. I personally and professionally recommend Dr. Major!


“It’s more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has." 

- Hippocrates  

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