May/19 Newsletter Spring Fling


Spring can invite things like spring cleaning, spring cleanses for body renewal and outdoor fitness. Whatever it is that's going to jumpstart you into this new season I wanted to encourage you to spend a minute evaluating your situation and pick 1 thing that will make you feel fresh.
Spring Cleaning: everybody seems to have a junk drawer or a closet that could use some pruning. Keep it simple start with a 10 min sweep. Throw it out, recycle or keep. You will feel lighter!Spring cleanse: It's easy to add lemon water to your morning routine.
1/2 a lemon in 8 oz of water and wait 15 min before eating. If you feel more ambitious cut out sugar for a week and/or decrease carbs such as pasta and bread and had veggies and fruits. 1 week, how hard can it be? I just tried the celery juice cleanse from medical after a friend shared her great results. Personally I like to do a cleanse every spring. Terry Willard @ also has some herbal cleanses. Integrative health includes: diet, emotional well being, exercise and stretching, spinal alignment and restorative time.
Spring Fitness: It's great to be able to add outdoor activities. For the less active add a morning walk...for 1 week get out and walk 1st thing in the a.m. (after your lemon juice😊) For the more ambitious interval training or strength training may be the ticket. Start small and monitor your body.For more individualized support, please call to book an appointment.
Remember, sounds such as clicking or popping in your joints should get checked out, a grinding feeling or sound indicates you are likely out of balance and should book an appointment. Swelling and instability...again not good. Come in and let's get your spine aligned. Maintaining healthy spinal function is another spring project you can include.







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