Spinal Care

I treat the spine to restore motion in alignment with the perspective that these physical problems have a multi factorial origin. A thorough exam and personal consultation can reveal hidden problems. If detected early enough, they don't have to be a big problem. At home exercises help keep you well and improve good function, health and quality of life.

Fees: New Patient $100.00 45min-1hr

Regular visit : $50-$65   10-20 min



Eating well makes a big difference with health and well being. The fuel for the body is very important and I can help guide you to the best ways to eat well and supplement your body with the right nutrition.

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Our gait can be an important component in our spinal care. For those people with foot problems orthodics can provide a support that takes a stress off the spine. They are helpful for people who stand for hours at a time, those with a larger build, fallen arches, bunions, athletes who place a high demand on their bodies and various other foot conditions.

I use a functional gait analysis system that records the weight on your foot in various stages of your normal gait. The sophisticated technology allows a precise functional analysis and a custom orthodic is then built to allow optimal weight distribution for your foot.

Fee : $425


Spinal Care


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Good health comes from proactive steps and prevention.